We are a contemporary, family church. Our Vision "Love and Worship God; Love one another (Matthew 22:37-39); Disciple and Win the Lost.
We are a contemporary, family church.Our Vision"Love and Worship God; Love one another (Matthew 22:37-39); Disciple and Win the Lost.


Ps. Phil Privette - Growing up in a household of faith, Phil learned early that the miraculous could be commonplace. Seeing his brother raised from the dead and made whole at the age of nine through the faith of his father; experiencing his own miraculous recovery from an accident at age 12; healed of a life-threatening lung disease at age 25, Phil eventually moved into the realm of the supernatural in his own revival meetings. Whether walking off stage into midair under the power of the anointing during a youth camp service in West Virginia, or laying hands on a woman in North Carolina with a softball-sized tumor on the side of her face only to watch it fall off and dissipate, this “Man of Fire”, has been instrumental in the miraculous for his generation.​ Phil travelled to specific Holy Ghost meetings over a period of 10 years to personally assist the late Kenneth E. Hagin. Carrying a similar anointing to bring healing and wholeness to his own generation.


We welcome all to this FRESH FIRE conference and your chance to experience the POWER of God.

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